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Q1 2016

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Page 15 of 35 14 | Combat & Casualty Care | Spring 2016 Industry Partner Hemorrhage Control gauze and repeat the process until the bleeding ceases. Innovation as a Success Driver In order to ensure that XSTAT was immediately and efficiently made available to the military population, RevMedx partnered with Panakeia LLC, a worldwide distributor of innovative medical solutions. Since the first shipment of XSTAT to the U.S. military back in November 2014, the partners have realized significant success with XSTAT, including FDA Clearance for both the military and civilian markets; use by the U.S. Army Special Forces; and most recently, the addition of XSTAT to the Tactical Combat Casualty Care Guidelines as a treatment for hemorrhage not amenable to limb tourniquet use. "As a leading provider of lifesaving medical innovations that are helping to change the face of trauma care on the battlefield, we are honored to represent XSTAT for the military community. XSTAT is a real game-changer and platform for a series of new products," added Panakeia co- founder, Pamela Jackson. "We're excited to be at the forefront with our partner RevMedx." According to Andrew Barofsky, CEO and President of RevMedx Inc, "We designed the XSTAT with direct input from military medics and first responders to provide a unique solution to the issue of junctional hemorrhage. This technolog y will save lives for years to come." More info: The leading supplier of cutting edge eye irrigation technology enables hands free care so combatants can focus in the fog of war. By Steve Bixby, Director, MorTan, Inc. F rom a hospital in Vietnam during the late 1960s, use of the Morgan Lens has spread to where it's now found in nearly 95% of emergency departments across the U.S. It's not surprising, since it provides the only hands-free method for quickly and easily treating ocular chemical burns or for removing non-embedded foreign bodies. Acids, bases, solvents, cleaning agents, biological or radiological agents, and small particulates are among the many contaminants that are effectively removed. During World War II, Dr. Loran Morgan was a paratrooper battalion surgeon with the 466th PFA (17th Airborne) where he was awarded many accolades including the Bronze Star. After the war, and a dozen years in general practice, he became an ophthalmologist. Returning to the battlefield in Vietnam on four occasions as a volunteer physician, he was troubled by the many treatable eye injuries that developed into permanent disabilities due to a lack of medical personnel or because of infection. During his third tour, he invented the Morgan Lens, a simple yet effective medical device that solved these problems and allowed the treatment of life- threatening injuries while not ignoring the eyes. As the only "hands-free" method of eye irrigation available, CLEARING THE EYES OF COMBAT (MorTan, Inc.) XSTAT sponges expand to apply interior pressure (RevMedx) XSTAT sponges injected into wound (RevMedx)

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