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Q4 2016

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The second largest federal government installation, the U.S. Veterans Administration or "VA" has a budget of $183B and comprises six enterprise centers and many hundred service level agreements with both government and industry. Recently, the VA has launched an ongoing process enhancement effort entitled MyVA which focuses on improving the Veteran's experience, employee's experience and empowerment, shared service excellence, continuous performance improvement, and developing strategic partnerships. The effort aims to achieve shared services excellence is directly focused on improving the Veteran's experience and delivering consistent Veteran outcomes. VA work to develop and implement an integrated medical surgical supply chain across the enterprise is on track to return over $150M to our medical centers, which in turn can be used to hire additional nurses and clinicians and directly enable more appointments and access for Veterans to high quality healthcare. "It all began for us by measuring enterprise performance and making good data-driven decisions," said Thomas Muir, Executive Director, Support Services, MyVA Program Office. "By mapping our performance against our customer's journey, we are able to focus on metrics that support their performance of business outcomes – measured in improvements to the Veteran and employee experiences, in moments that matter." Due to its sheer scale as the second largest agency in the federal government, the VA has unique opportunities to change the federal service landscape through our use of shared services. For example, it has over 35,000 employees delivering service at over 1,600 facilities and points of service in HR, IT, finance and contracting today in a very decentralized, distributed process aligned with unique business lines and often providing variable outcomes. "Imagine a future where VA consolidates and standardizes the work, integrating the latest The U.S. Veterans Administration has undertaken a process standardization effort which includes a re-investment in patient care through enhanced facility management, supply chain function, management training, and overall cost reduction across the board. By Kevin Hunter, C&CC Editor ADVANCING THE PROVISION OF ADVANCED CARE 26 | Combat & Casualty Care | Winter 2016/2017 Agency Spotlight Veterans Administration

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