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Q1 2017

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Joint components of U.S. Special Operations Command are working to field an environmentally stable blood plasma product critical to increasing positive outcomes in hemorrhagic injury events. By Kevin Hunter, C&CC Editor MED MODERNIZATION : LIFESAVER AT THE READY Following the traditional Air Force Special Operations Command motto, 'Any Place, Any Time, Anywhere…', the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) Medical Modernization Division is responsible for ensuring that AFSOC medics have the right equipment and capability to save lives in any environment throughout the globe. In 2003, The Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) had the foresight to establish teams dedicated to ensuring deployed medics had the appropriate equipment for the mission at each Air Force Major Command. Since that time, AFSOC Medical Modernization has focused on connecting medical needs to solutions derived from research and development or from current equipment available in the commercial marketplace. This mission is part of a much larger Joint DOD and US SOCOM effort to target gaps and ensure the best and safest solutions are in the hands of Airmen and Joint service members on a global battlefield. "AFSOC's Medical Modernization Division was established by AFMS almost 15 years ago, but we have really hit our stride since 2012," said Lt. Col. Rebecca Carter, Chief of Medical Modernization, U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command. "We have established networks and processes that support continued success and made 20 | Combat & Casualty Care | Spring 2017

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