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INDUSTRY PARTNER Innovative Tactical Training Solutions (ITTS) is a recognized Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. Founded in 2009 with the vision of creating a tactical operations medical training mannequin that would endure the austere environments special operations community members often encounter. The Tactical Operations Medical Manikin (TOMManikin) set the industry standard for ruggedization, hyper- realistic trauma injuries and ease of operation. In the years that followed, the special operations community guided research and development to create a broad spectrum of combat simulation training platforms, to include helicopter MEDEVAC and crash simulators, blast/ballistic simulators, a K9 trauma simulator, prolonged field care patient monitoring simulators and force-on-force engagement systems. To replicate environmental stressors, ITTS engineered a suite of environmental sensory control units that introduce (instructor-driven) elements that include wind, smoke, lighting effects and loud speakers that create an overwhelming introduction to sensory influence on student's performance. Proprietary communications software enables a single operator to simultaneously control all devices from a tablet. Memorable training must be conducted in an environment that depicts the climate where the skills are to be used. Further, scenarios must be replicable to ensure evaluation consistency and metric capture. Combining years of innovative technology and simulators, ITTS engineers have created a series of unique, multi-purpose, simulation facilities that are specifically designed to accommodate complex training requirements of both government and civilian agencies. These fully customizable and configurable freestanding structures are designed for use in a warehouse, hanger, or outdoors. The following available ITTS training facilities: The Combat Medical Simulation Lab (CMSL) is a customizable, fully configurable, training platform that realistically replicates a variety of training venues. From CQB room clearing to point of injury care to mass casualty triage and complex medical/surgical case management, the CMSL provides the capability to train personnel in a safe and reproducible area. This multi-purpose, freestanding structure is designed for use in a warehouse or hanger and features an overhead catwalk, allowing cadre an uninterrupted view of simulation rooms and student's performance. Center room walls are hinged to create a variety of simulation rooms. The CMSL includes a full compliment of wirelessly controlled ITTS environmental sensory control devices, to include multiple brilliant LED lighting effects, smoke/fog machines and loud speakers, creating multi-sensory stressors for learners. PTZ cameras record student activity from a variety of angles. The Confined Space Training Center features a 40' inclined section designed to simulate disaster scenarios inside unstable structures, complete with debris and obstacles. Hatches in multiple locations allow access to a 30" circular (vertical and horizontal) duct system. A custom confined space assembly features a 'pancake-style' collapsed floor section with restrictive access points. A full suite of environmental sensory control units is included. The Climbing Tower Training Center features a 40' high 270-degree wrapped climbing rock wall with both ITTS HH-60 Salvage helicopter fuselage and CV-22 fuselage mounted on opposing towers to facilitate rappelling. Five interior connecting rooms can be used for CQB, medical triage, etc. and are complete with the ITTS suite of environmental sensory control units. The Mobile Search & Rescue Training Center is a 3-tier structure with covered breezeway for both indoor and outdoor training. Side crates contain an interior stairwell allowing access to the 3rd floor training area that features an extensible folding wall room maze. All rooms feature the company's environmental sensory control units. The Kentucky Tower Training Facility provides a single solution multi-purpose personnel-training facility with combined elements of training centers listed above. Offering a diverse range of scenarios from which to utilize, the Kentucky Tower Training Facility contains three distinct zones that cover Confined Space/Collapsed Structure, Helicopter Landing/Unloading with AIE/Rappelling, Rock Climbing, CQB and trauma lanes. Each area is configurable to team's specific training needs and includes a full compliment of ITTS environmental sensory control devices throughout. PROMOTING REAL-WORLD READINESS Innovative Tactical Training Solutions has introduced the latest in turnkey full-mission profile training for the combat medical environment. By Adam Reading (EMT-P, MCIM), CMSgt, USAF, Ret. - ITTS Business Development Director Cut away layout of CQB rooms (center), H60 CASEVAC helo (left), and pancake-style confined space trainer (lower right). (ITTS) Cut away view of climbing wall interior, featuring vertical 30" duct system included in the confined space training center. (ITTS) Spring 2017 | Combat & Casualty Care | 27

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