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For over 20 years, RDT has provided innovative, rugged, durable, and reliable products for the military environment. We understand your specialized environment and develop products with that in mind. Coupled with an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 66, the physical attributes of the Tempus Pro vital signs monitor make it the most suited to cope with the demands of military usage. Highly compact and durable it has the longest battery life on the market. Ground breaking in weight and size, at just 6 pounds it is ideal for use in the most austere environments. In operation, its touch driven display and intuitive interface make the monitor extremely easy to use – no need for repetitive touching of buttons or keys to enter patient data or interact with the monitor. An electronic version of the DD1380 is built into the Tempus and automatically populated with patient vital signs. Drugs, interventions, and extraneous notes can be easily entered in to the Summary Record of Care and sent wired or wirelessly to any computer and ultimately into an EMR and GENESIS. In addition to being designed and built to military specification, it is a monitoring platform that can advance as the military's requirements change and evolve over the life of the product. Facilitating Ease of Diagnoses Military medics oftentimes must operate in very hostile environments with limited access to medical or consultative assistance for extended periods of time, making a difficult diagnosis very challenging. Also, adapting to multi-domain and cross- functional operations require medics to perform independently until patient transport can be made available. The Tempus Pro has the unique ability to transmit patient data directly from the Tempus to a FST, CSH, or MTF anywhere around the world without the need for additional equipment. It also provides the medic the ability to establish voice communication with the care provider and receive consultative assistance in remote locations. The integral camera allows the medic to effectively convey the condition of the patient, wound location, and provide critical situational awareness. Unique to the Tempus Pro is the optional integrated secure real- time ReachBak capability. Tempus Pro can transmit all vital signs data including photographs and video, ultrasound and intubation images, 12 Lead ECG recordings, waveforms and the full patient record. It can also establish full duplex voice communications over standard military headsets. Data can be transmitted over civilian communications networks and military IP radios and all patient identifiers are AES256 encrypted (level of encryption for inter-governmental data transfer). ReachBak is augmented by the built-in GPS positioning which allows the patient record to be geo-tagged to identify the patient's location and record where drugs and therapies were given. Open Architecture Modifiable The Tempus Pro has an extremely powerful processor that enables the monitor to provide additional capabilities over the life of the device. RDT's philosophy is that as customer's requirements and budgets can change over time, the Tempus Pro will evolve to meet those needs. Rather than becoming obsolete, the Tempus Pro will incorporate new technologies, algorithms, and additional capabilities as they become available. Examples of these are Abdominal and Vascular Ultrasound, Video Laryngoscopy, Summary Record of Care, and ultimately CRI, Compensatory Reserve Index; all incorporated in the same small lightweight form factor. Evolving to Meet Advancing Need One of the reasons that many NATO militaries and U.S. agencies have selected the Tempus Pro is due to its ability to evolve over the life of the product as requirements and budgets change. Over the next several years there will be many new advancements to the Tempus Pro including Cloud Based telemedicine capability, and most exciting, electrotherapy capability. The Tempus ALS defibrillation capability is available OCONUS this year, and pending FDA clearance available CONUS late 2018. OPTIMIZING SINGLE SUITE FUNCTIONALITY Remote Diagnostic Technologies (RDT) is the creator and manufacturer of the Tempus Pro vital signs monitoring platform, enabling military and pre-hospital care providers to carry less, and do much more. By Barnie G. Howell, Director, U.S. Military Business Development, RDT, Ltd. The Tempus Pro vital signs monitor. (RDT) Summer 2017 | Combat & Casualty Care | 25 INDUSTRY PARTNER

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