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Summer 2017

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The USAMRMC's JPC-1 is responsible for programming research in two distinct portfolio domains: Medical Simulation and Health Information Technology/Informatics. The JPC-1 works with all the services and joint agencies to address gaps, threats and requirements. The JPC-1 is tasked with planning, coordinating and overseeing a tri-service science and technology program to improve strategic planning and process development related to research in two portfolio areas: Improving military medical capabilities through live, virtual, constructive and serious gaming methods (LVCG) of medical simulation. Improving health information sciences through increased interoperability and better health information technology applications The establishment of JPC-1 has enabled a collaborative process to identify and validate the research initiatives pertaining to the military, thereby allowing the USAMRMC to better align its research and development efforts. This program assists in the identification of relevant emerging technologies, the assessment of technologies through a structured process and the transition of technologies that are of value to the MHS. The MSIS seeks to improve patient safety and quality of care through strategic over-the-horizon research by transitioning more capable healthcare information and medical simulation technologies and systems; by addressing stakeholder driven priorities to bridge existing and future capability gaps in the MHS; and through proactive integration and implementation of emerging technologies into military healthcare relevant applications. Evolution of Medical Simulation Technology Seeking to develop, hone or improve their medical skills and capabilities, medical simulation began when medical professionals The Joint Program Committee-1 (JPC-1) Medical Simulation and Information Sciences Research Program, established in 2010, is part of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC). Its mission is to responsively and responsibly coordinate emerging military medical simulation and health information technologies/informatics research across all stakeholder communities and transfer research solutions and knowledge to meet Military Health System goals. By David Thompson, Deputy Director, Medical Simulation and Information Sciences Research Program IMPROVING HEALTH THROUGH ENHANCED SIMULATION Servicemembers simulate combat casualty care on manikins during large-scale medical training scenario. (USAMRMC) 26 | Combat & Casualty Care | Summer 2017 HEALTH READINESS INNOVATION IN MEDICAL SIMULATION

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